TP Series

The proximity sensor pushbuttons of the TP Series are the perfect solution for zero-contact systems.

A hygienic alternative to traditional pushbuttons that is activated without the need for contact thanks to the infrared system.

TP Series Instructions

Adapt it to your needs

Time Controller
The response time of the sensor can be adjusted up to 30 seconds.

Distance regulator
The sensing distance of the sensor can be adjusted from 5 to 20 cm.

Color-coded signage

It provides a clear visual indication that it has been activated and the opening signal has been sent.

Perfect for low light situations. Helps the user to locate it easily.

Green: Activated
Blue: Stand by
Off: Off

Outdoor models

Resistant to water, dust and humidity to ensure proper operation in different environmental conditions.

High impact resistance, to prevent tampering attempts as well as damage from accidental impacts

Easy installation

The TP Series touchless pushbuttons fit the dimensions Fail-secure of traditional pushbuttons.

This allows for a much faster and simpler replacement, without the need to modify the existing installation.

Available models


86 mm x 86 mm x 14 mm


86 mm x 86 mm x 14 mm


115 mm x 40 mm x 14 mm


115 mm x 40 mm x 14 mm


72 mm x 72 mm x 15 mm


80 mm x 30 mm x 15 mm