PB Series

Our evacuation, fire detection and extinguishing buttons are the fastest and safest way to act in the event of an emergency.

Made of ABS plastic components, they are highly resistant.

Designed and built based on EN54-11 with a supply voltage of up to 30V AC.

PB Series Instructions

One for every situation

Evacuation button

Manual evacuation pushbuttons are activated to allow the opening of access control systems in the event of a general failure. They can be reset with a key.

Alarm button

In case of fire, the manual alarm button can be activated to inform the fire panel of the emergency.
Available in Waterproof version and with LED indicator light.

Stop pushbutton

A are designed to manually lock/abort the extinguishing of clean, inert and CO2 agents.

This lockout pushbutton overrides the extinguishing release pushbutton. The function is to block or abort automatic extinguishing.

Trigger button

They are designed to manually activate the extinguishing of clean, inert and CO2 agents.

When this trigger button is activated, the control panel is informed to activate the extinguishing process, according to European regulations, this process will take a maximum of 60 seconds.

Reset key included

When an evacuation button is activated, the emergency alarm is initiated to alert people in the area of the ongoing emergency.

Once the area has been evacuated and the situation has been brought under control, the reset key is used to reset the alarm system and stop the emergency signal.

Test key available

They are used to simulate an activation of the evacuation button, which allows to verify that the alarm is activated correctly and that the emergency signal is received at the alarm control station.

Weatherproof versions and versions with indicator lights

Available for alarm pushbuttons.

Weatherproof pushbuttons are perfect for outdoor mounting or industrial environments where they may be exposed to water.

The indicator lights help people locate the evacuation buttons in low light conditions or in the dark.

PB5 Seal

The "Extinguishing Trip" pushbuttons are devices used to activate automatic fire extinguishing systems that can be dangerous to people if used incorrectly.

The security seal is a safety measure to ensure that the fire suppression system is not activated accidentally, unauthorized or maliciously.

Its bright, eye-catching colors help people quickly identify the location of evacuation buttons in the event of an emergency.

In addition, their colors can help people remember the location of evacuation buttons in situations of stress or panic.

They can also help the visually impaired identify the location of evacuation buttons.

Available models


Evacuation systems


Fire detection systems

Two contacts


Fire detection systems

Two contacts
LED indicator


Fire detection systems

Two contacts


Automatic extinguishing systems



Automatic extinguishing systems