Series A

The A-Series electric mortise lock is a special security lock built under the highest quality standards.

They are also common locks in busy buildings such as airports or train stations due to their guaranteed durability of 1,000,000 cycles with a frequency of 600 cycles per day.

The perfect investment for peace of mind and for offering less maintenance.

Series A Instructions

Triangular bolt

Its revolutionary triangular-shaped bolt allows it to withstand high impacts without affecting its performance.

They have been tested to 2 attempts of 20 minutes of intrusion and are usually installed in banks, embassies or other buildings that require a high level of security.


The A Series electric locks can be installed horizontally or vertically with no height limit.

The A Series locks are a work of engineering manufactured by B&B locks in Germany for the highest security or durability.

Closing resistance of 40,000N.

Complies with standards:


Available models


24V DC
379 mm x 34 mm x 48,5 mm