For all types of doors and electric strikes


The faceplates, fronts or armatures allow the electric strike or electronics to be fastened inside the door frame.

They protect the electric strike or electronic and allow a smooth sliding of the slider.

The faceplates can vary in shape and depth to suit the window dimensions for circular bolts, square bolts, hooked bolts or any shape imaginable.

Fastening holes can be manufactured in all shapes and are countersunk to prevent screws from protruding.

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Adaptability of the electric strike

For the selection of faceplates, it is necessary to take into account the adaptability of the strike to ensure the passage of the lock bolt in the long faceplates with cavity.

faceplates Shorts

Designed for doors that do not require bolt locking.
They are also the faceplates for fire doors.

faceplates Long

Designed for doors that require bolt locking.
The shapes adapt to the electromechanical lock bolt.