Electric and Electronic Strikes

Electric strikes (also known as door openers) are electromechanical devices that are installed inside the door frame to allow access to a building remotely. They are mechanisms used as an integral part of an access control system.

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The evolution of our electric strikes



These are models with specific voltages. We can customize the voltage upon customer's request.


Incorporan un selector de voltaje o switch disponibles en un rango de 12/24V AC < 1min y 12/24V DC 100% ED.


Multivoltage for easy selection. They offer a range between 9-24V AC/DC and 22-28V AC/DC.


The all-in-one of the electric strikes. They incorporate an intelligent microprocessor that offers a range between 8-30V AC/DC ED 100%.

Electric strike components

Each and every element that makes up our electric and electronic strikes is part of Openers & Closers' DNA. We create complex and carefully designed mechanisms for long-lasting and reliable operation.

Bolted cover

The covers close the entire mechanism by means of two or three screws to ensure optimum fastening and prevent its interior from being opened during normal operation.

Short and long lever

These are the essential parts for proper operation. They must be perfectly aligned to withstand high impacts, but at the same time slide smoothly to allow efficient release. The key is to know how to find the perfect balance.


The heart of every electric strike or electronic is in the perfect winding. Its function allows to activate the core at a specific speed that allows the release of the short lever.

Electronic Components

All electric strikes incorporates state-of-the-art electronic components for improved reliability and better performance and functionality.


The shafts allow the short, long and latch levers to rotate. Their function is to support the impacts. Their resistance will vary according to the diameter and the material of manufacture. For a good durability, it is important to use resistant materials.

Fixed or adjustable latch

Its function is to adapt to the sliding of the locks. It is the part that must withstand the greatest impacts and be able to open and close doors efficiently. They offer a great variety of adjustments, depth and degrees of rotation.


The corner piece of all electric strike or electronics, it protects the mechanism from unwanted impacts or vibrations.

Terminal strip

The simplest, yet ingenious power strip. All our electrical or electronic strikes incorporate transient voltage suppression (TVS) to protect circuits from sudden or momentary overvoltage conditions. In addition, the electrical wiring can be connected either +/- AC alternating current or DC direct current as it does not offer polarity.

Lock components

Fail-Secure functionality
(Negative Security)

Fail-Secure functionality refers to models that are normally closed without an electrical connection. The electric strike is unlocked only when the solenoid is energized. In the event of power loss, the door will remain closed.

Fail-Safe functionality
(Positive security)

Fail-Safe functionality refers to models that are normally open without electrical connection. The electric strike is unlocked only when the solenoid is deactivated. In the event of power loss, the door will remain open.

Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are electromechanical devices that are installed in the door frame for access convenience.

Electronic Strikes

Electronic strikes significantly improve upon the performance of electric strikes. We are pioneers in incorporating a microprocessor that adapts to any voltage installation to make selection easier, reduce the number of models you need to keep in stock, but above all, to improve the door opening process.


Technical characteristics of electronic strikes

AC/DC ED100%

Now you can push the open button and the solenoid will never burn out when connected to AC power within the voltage range. Also its advantage is that you reduce the models you need to keep in stock.

Intelligent management

The M2 microchip is the second generation of microprocessors from OPENERS & CLOSERS that allows to store more information and provide a more instantaneous opening response.
The programming takes care of controlling the temperature of the electronic strike so that it does not exceed 40°C. This improves performance, increases the number of openings where the flow rate is high and avoids possible burns with the faceplate.


The electronic strike is now much quieter with the new M2 microprocessor, only 65-69 decibels (db) at 0.4 seconds.
It allows the door to be unlocked in microseconds with almost no perceived noise, but just enough to indicate actuation.
For situations where noise can be an inconvenience, we have the possibility to customize the electronic strikes at the request of our customers, reducing the decibels or eliminating it completely.

Opening with high voltage

We facilitate the opening of heavy doors over 200kg up to 650N of lateral pressure in a timely manner (certified durability tests can only be done up to 250N).

Lower electricity consumption

We are aware of the importance of energy efficiency in construction. The energy consumption of our electronic strikes is incredibly low.

Depending on AC or DC current consumption, they vary from a minimum of 0.03 A to a maximum of 0.14 A in maintenance consumption.

Temperature control

The solenoid is in charge of managing the lock release power and in cases of continuous DC connection, these usually increase their temperature reaching sometimes up to 50ºC. With the electronic models, we stabilize the temperature so that it does not exceed 40ºC in direct current ED100%. A very convenient solution for wooden profiles

Latch rotation

The internal radian latch has a shallower depth, but keeps the tip of the latch within the arc whose length is that of the radius.

The external radian latch has a greater depth and does not keep the latch tip inside the arc whose length is that of the radius.

Solution to keep the door open

In places such as offices, stores or customer service centers, keeping doors open can create a welcoming feeling and ease of access for visitors.

The manual release system consists of moving the striker lever to allow manual opening.

automatic lock with memory

Access convenience solution

Its central activation will keep the strike permanently unlocked.
Only when the door has been opened will the automatic mechanism relock.
There are 3 types of systems, the bushing system, the external lever on the latch and the newest system on the latch shaft.

Regardless of whether the door is open or closed, after a few seconds the striker will lock automatically, this being the option that offers greater security.

Access monitoring

Door monitoring is a crucial system in security and access management. This process involves the use of sensors and electronic devices to monitor the status of doors in real time.

There is the possibility of detecting the door and strike status with one or two microswitches.

IP68 Weatherproofing

In outdoor situations where electric strikes is exposed to adverse weather conditions, we offer IP68 protection for electronic components, the highest in the industry. We protect our electric strikes from any particles and can withstand complete and continuous immersion in liquids without any leakage. The electric strikes undergoes a corrosion and salt spray test to verify that they meet sufficient protection requirements.


The electric strikes approved for fire doors require a complex process to ensure that the fire does not spread through the building and protects people's lives. Each lock is associated with a door type and a fire resistance duration that varies from 15 to 120 minutes. The tests are carried out in an approved certification center. To correctly determine that a electric strike or electronic lock complies with fire regulations, it is important to have the current approval certificate, the CPR code and to keep the annual updates.

Two types of current, greater flexibility.

We offer the widest range of functionalities per product series in the market. We can adapt electric strikes to any solution and we manage to build functions on demand for our customers.

For the electronic strikes we have managed to combine the 2 types of current to offer greater flexibility, reduce product stocking and above all, to be able to open with high preloads on the doors for continuous currents ED 100%.

Series available

Here you will find all our electric and electronic strikes series. Select one to see its models and configuration options.


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