TE Series

In emergency situations, it is essential to be able to evacuate spaces with a significant capacity in a rapid and controlled manner, without interrupting or hindering the passage of the roads designed for this purpose.

The use of electrically controlled exit systems will be important when there is a need for surveillance of escape routes and there is a desire to control such doors.

They are the optimal solution to help save lives in an emergency and protect the perimeter in the event of unforeseen threats.

Emergency terminals are a big step forward in safety and prevention measures.

TE Series Instructions

Modular design

The modular structure of our Emergency Terminal provides a tailor-made solution with an innovative concept in escape route signaling and allows it to adapt to different space requirements and needs.

In addition, in the event of a failure, it allows easy identification of faulty components, ensuring minimal downtime and rapid system restoration.

Signaling Elements

Incorporate visual and/or acoustic signaling elements at a distance of no more than 1 meter.

System Alarm
The flashing yellow "T" signal indicates an evacuation system alarm condition.
There are several different alarm conditions that can assist in further access control.

Door Secured
The red cross sign indicates that the door is properly closed.

Door Open
The vertical arrow-shaped signaling indicates that the door is released for evacuation.
There are two modes of operation, permanent and flashing indicator light.

Available models


Terminal 2 modules
Flush mount
150 mm x 10 mm x 79 mm


Terminal 2 modules
Surface mount
146 mm x 62 mm x 75 mm


Terminal 3 modules
Flush mount
220 mm x 10 mm x 79 mm


Terminal 3 modules
Surface mount
216 mm x 62 mm x 75 mm