Electromagnetic locks

An electromagnetic lock is an electromagnet that is installed in the door frame with a counter plate attached to the door leaf. When activated, the electromagnet firmly holds the counterplate and the door remains closed.

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What is an electromagnetic lock?

Electromagnetic locks are often referred to in more everyday terms as magnetic locks, electromagnets, suction cups or maglocks.

Our electromagnetic locks offer positive security, allowing rapid evacuation of the building in case of power loss. Constant power supply is essential for their operation, so we offer models with low power consumption, guaranteeing efficiency without compromising security.

One of the distinctive features of electromagnetic locks is their durability, since they lack any wear system. Their activation is achieved through the generation of a powerful electromagnetic field, with forces exceeding 5,000N in special situations.

For a flawless installation, know the opening direction of the door and choose the corresponding brackets or angles.

Electromagnetic lock components

An electromagnetic lock is composed of two main elements, an electromagnet and its counterplate. The electromagnet contains a powerful solenoid which, when energized, creates an electromagnetic field that retains the counterplate with a high clamping force.

Electronic Components

For optimum performance, we incorporate a PCB with state-of-the-art electronic components that help maintain instantaneous response, no magnetic remanence and sensors for access control management.


Its power generates an electromagnetic field that allows to lock the counterplate with force and to close the door. When the electric current is deactivated, it unlocks instantly.


Constructed of ferromagnetic material, it must be correctly aligned with the electromagnet to achieve maximum holding force. This is undoubtedly a key factor for correct operation. It also incorporates a small ejector that helps in unlocking the electromagnet in case of residual magnetism.


For proper operation, we use an almost pure 99.5% iron that is very low in carbon, sulfur and phosphorus. As it has almost no impurities, it offers excellent performance with magnetisms.

Electromagnetic components

Highlighted Functions

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LED display system

A two-color LED is incorporated to indicate the status of the electromagnet quickly (locked or unlocked). In this way, it can be visualized whether the operation of the electromagnet lock is correct or needs to be adjusted.

Monitoring system

This system allows to know the status of the electromagnet (locked or unlocked) and to transfer this information to an access control to ensure greater security.

In the case of wanting to know the status of the door (open or closed), a magnetic contact must be added to the CM Series.

Timing system

In some situations it is essential to maintain a time delay to delay the activation of the electromagnetic lock.

The most common cases are on sliding doors, where the electromagnetic lock must be allowed to activate just when the door is aligned with the counterplate.

These locks are often used with coded keypads or electronic readers that are separated from the access door. In these cases, the electromagnet needs to be timed to hold the door open long enough for the user to pass through.

Series available

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