AC Series

Coded keypads are a stand-alone, multi-function access control unit.

It is suitable to be installed both indoors and outdoors in harsh environmental conditions as it is IP68 certified for water and dust.

It is forged from a tough galvanized zinc alloy and offers a high degree of safety.

The working speed is <20ms y su funcionamiento de 12-24v dc ofrece un bajo consumo eléctrico tan solo 0,03 a.

A smooth design with backlit buttons enhances usability and cleanliness.

AC Series Instructions



AC Series

Most relevant characteristics

Adjustable reading time and distance

The door opening time and alarm is fully adjustable, allowing settings up to 99 seconds according to your specific needs.
In addition, the efficient reading distance of the cards or key tags ranges from 3 to 6 centimeters, ensuring optimal and fast accessibility to the system.

Vandal-resistant sensor

Inside, it has an LDR sensor designed to prevent unauthorized tampering.
In case of opening, an acoustic alarm is activated, alerting to any attempt of unwanted manipulation.

Indicator light and acoustic system

The indicator light informs you about the locking status clearly and visually.
In addition, the alarm sound is adjustable and can be extended up to 3 minutes according to your specific needs and preferences.

Low consumption

The operating speed is super fast, less than 20 ms, and its 12-24V DC operation guarantees extremely low power consumption, as low as 0.03 A, ensuring efficiency and energy savings.

Water resistant

AC series keypads are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, even in harsh environmental conditions, thanks to their IP68 certification for water and dust resistance, the highest rating available.

They are constructed from a robust galvanized zinc alloy, providing a high level of safety and durability to ensure reliable performance in any environment.

AC Series

Types of functions

Mobile App

Quickly access your spaces with just a few taps on your device. You can open doors and manage access control efficiently.
This practical solution provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to have total control from the palm of your hand.

Biometric access

Forget about keys or codes, as your unique identity is the key to unlock your spaces quickly and securely.
With biometric technology, every touch is your personal signature, giving you exclusive, hassle-free access. Enjoy maximum convenience and security with the accurate authentication offered by fingerprint recognition.
Your identity, your access.

Personal code

Experience the convenience of keyless access through our keypad or personal code system.
Customize your numeric code to open your doors easily and securely. No more worrying about keys, simply enter your unique code and access your spaces quickly and efficiently.
Your code, your door.

Card and/or key tag

Enter your spaces in a practical and secure way through our access system with card and/or key tag with RFID technology.
Simplify your routine by eliminating the need for traditional keys. By simply bringing your card and/or key tag close to the reader, you will enjoy fast and efficient access.

Available models



EM cards and tags
12V DC
135 mm x 49 mm x 24 mm


Wi-Fi management

EM cards and tags
12V DC
135 mm x 49 mm x 24 mm


Fingerprint reader and Wi-Fi management

Mifare 1K anticopy cards and tags
12V DC
135 mm x 48 mm x 24 mm