Series 8

A unique strike plate as it is completely symmetrical in all functionalities and offers the advantage of being able to connect the power supply from either side.

This range of electric strikes super reinforced locks are among the preferred choice for fire doors because they offer the highest possible fire resistance.

Certified to withstand and isolate a fire zone for 120 minutes with a resistance of 12,000 N.

8 Series Instructions

Series 8

Outstanding features

Electric current

A clever solution of positioning the electronics at the base of the electronic strike allows the power supply to be connected from both sides without affecting the symmetry.

Internal microphone

We are the only ones that incorporate the micro switches inside so that it does not affect the symmetry of electronic strike.

Micro and automatic

The only mechanism on the market that can be adapted to 3mm of latch displacement without affecting its functionality by means of a threaded supplement.

Available models



V (10-30 AC/DC)
Closing resistance: 8.000N


Fire resistant electronics

V (10-30 AC/DC)
Closing resistance: 15.000N


Heavy-duty electronic

V (10-30 AC/DC)
Closing resistance: 15.000N


Safety electronics

V (10-30 AC/DC)
Closing resistance: 10.000N